A new way to innovate medical devices. design and manufacture. advance spinal solutions.

Next Orthosurgical is focused on rapid development and distribution of innovative medical devices by utilizing experience professionals who leverage state of the art design and manufacturing resources. A robust product development and operational infrastructure has been established which supports continued development of top quality products.


Next Orthosurgicals foundation is based on sound product development processes and engineering talent. The highly specialized engineering staff communicates with clinical professionals to efficiently iterate design concepts throughout the development process. Internal prototyping capabilities allow engineers the ability to produce tangible concepts which can be immediately evaluated. Product development is the basis of Next Orthosurgical.


Next Orthosurgical maintains a significant production operation which supports the sale and distribution of products including; machining, finishing, clean room packaging, quality control, and logistics. State of the art manufacturing equipment and processes allow for complete control of product quality, lead-time and cost.

Our History